Krang Tales

These will be a serios of stories that are as I see it and play it in the game. This is my time and background as I imagine it to be. Sit back and see what you think, maybe you can join me for a moment in space... in Earth and Beyond!

Here I will try to make for some history, once I have a full direction.

Krang Tales - Terran Beginnings Story Line (future story) [1]

Here is where I started. I entered a writing contest for a Pilots Log for the game to be published during the opening weeks of the game when it went live. I wrote from how I started into the game many months before, when I was a new pilot - during beta. Some of the story used more current ideas, but I tried to place myself in the frame of mind as a new pilot, of sorts. I will leave the details to the story and hope that you enjoy what you read. I tried to continue the writing after release and post a new chapter every 2-3 weeks, sometimes I had to go back and make changes such that current dialog fit with the growing world. I hope you enjoy this and remember, I just do this on off times and I'm not a writer, something I once heard - "If when you get up in the morning and the first thing you think of is writing, then you are a writer." author unknown.

Note: Due to a HD crash about 12 sections of the story were lost for the most part. I have my notes and ideas, but the writing was lost. I am still trying to put it all back together and as you will see, some got updated as I remember how I put things together in the original postings.

Krang Tales - A Captain's Log Story Line (in progress) [2]

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