Ariad "Sealing the Wound" Mission

Parts list per Depleted Balm Canister:

Brood Oil (L5 Drop item) 2
Chavez Herbal Remedy (L3 drop item off of Chavezs) 1
Chocolate (L2 trade good buy at Somerled) 1
Evolver Alloy Launch Tube (L5 buy at F7 or other L5 vendor area or player made) 1
Glamour Goo (L1 drop in ABG off of the L5 Dish Dancer by Nav Comm) 1
Grail Water (L9 Hydrocarbon) 1
Hydrogen (L1 Gas) 8
Mi Graphite Shell Casing (L1 buy at Joves or other L1 vendor area or player made) 1
Nitrogen (L1 Gas) 4
Roller Press (L1 Item) 1
Sand (L1 Hydrocarbon) 3