Loric's "Threading the Gate" Mission

Task: Make Loric a Dark Matter Reticulum Device.
Mission Recap: (Need 2 Aquitaine Dark Matter, 1 K3 MountTECH P39 and 1 Flawless Garnet)
Reward: Race specific V'rix Deceptor Device - must complete class leader mission to make.
To start this adventure:
Go to Loric in Lagarto - Hyperian Gate area - and
take Loric's Mission: "Threading the Gate"

Make Loric a Dark Matter Reticulum (you get this schematic when you take the mission).

Dark Matter Reticulum
-2 Aquitaine Dark Matter (Looted from baddies in Ardus)
-1 K3 MountTECH P39 (Level 8 Mount)
-1 Flawless Garnet (Level 4 Optic Gem,refines from 5 Raw Flawless Garnet)

When you finish Loric's mission, you get one of the following race specific plans:

Terran Device:

Jenquai Device: