Progen Sentinal - Call Forward Skill Mission

Stage 1
Get three level 1 refined Sulfur, can be dismantled from level 1 Sunburst Fusion core. Get two refined level 5 Chromium, can be dismantled from level 5 Electro Gold Wound Relay. Go to a refine terminal with the filthy beaker and select “Acid Bath”. This will produce one Pristine Beaker. Return it to the lady on Arduinne.

Stage 2
Buy a Petri dish from the new NPC in Endriago on Arx Spartoi in the Lounge, Refine 1 unit of level 8 Minosium. Can be dismantled from level 7 Evolver Firefly Pro MLS. Hit the refining terminal again, and make a Radiated Petri Dish. Take it to the lady on Arduinne. *Note: All items mentioned here on out that need to be "radiated" are made by, the item + one refined Minosium*

Stage 3
Refine together 3 L9 Raw Grail Water, and 2 Raw L1 Nitrogen this will give you the nutrient gel. You’ll also need to make a Radiated Beaker.
Head off to Risco Moon, there find the Vacuum Stalks....kill them till you get the “Vacuum Stalk Root”. You may have to do this part 2 times. It seems to be random that the roots you collect can become damaged. Once you have the nutrient gel, the vacuum stalk roots, and a radiated beaker hit the refining terminal again, this will make a “Vegetative Propagation Experiment”; take that back to the lady on arduinne again. If she doesn't accept it, simply repeat the step. I had to do this step twice cause she didn't like the first one i made.

Stage 4
After dropping off the Vegetative Propagation Experiment. Kill the Ouraboros worms on Arduinne; you'll need three level 5 Ouraboros Eggs. *just a reminder that they are immune to plasma* Once you have the eggs, head to Remote Mine Field in Valkyrie Twins and you’ll see Caius Baro. He’ll change your eggs into “Enucleated Egg’s” and give you the recipe for the Storm Gull Cloning Kit.

Stage 5
You need one Gull Wing, (Zweihander planet) two level 2 Dry Ice (refined carbon dioxide) and one Radiated Reagent bottle. That will make you a Gull Specimen.
Now you will need to make the “Storm Gull Cloning Kit”. For that you need the Gull Specimen, 1 Radiated Petri dish, one enucleated eggs. One level 3 Plasma Convert Max and one level 1 Sunburst Fusion Core *buyable at Joves Fury*. Once again you’ll need to return your kit to the lady on arduinne. If it doesn't not pass inspection simply repeat this process. If it passes inspection she will give you a Mutated Biostructs.

Stage 6
Take the Mutated Biostructs to Drusus Bellator at the Mutation center outside Detention Center Onorom.

Step 7
You’ll need two Raw Fluorine level 3, one Refined Potassium level 1, and two Refined Bromine level 2 to refine a Chem Stim.
Next you will need a Level 2 Juuona Brain, Level 2 Scuttle Wing, Level 9 Refined Ziosium , a Radiated Graduated Cylinder, a Radiated Test Tube, and the Chem Stim that was made earlier. It will produce a “Viable Mutation Strain 1A”. Take that back to Drusus Bellator at the Mutation center. Again if he does not accept the strain, repeat the process.

Stage 8
Last but not least, Drusus will give you the schematics for a level 4 “Interpolative Gene Remapping Apparatus”. It requires an Electro D4 Superinducer level 4, Quark Quantum Brain 360 level 7, and a Nova Armored Vault level 7. Build this device and yet again take it back to the lady on arduinne. If it passes her inspection she will give you the device to learn the “Call Forward” skill. Simply mount, wait, activate, and presto!! Skill attained.