Zeke's "Blood is Thicker" Mission

Task: Zeke needs a tutor.
Mission Recap: (list of materials used in this mission, some are hard to get)
Reward: 5000 Explore and Duct Tape Recipe (L5 Build/Analyze Weapons/Devices)
To start this adventure:
Go to Zeke in Witberg and take Zeke's Mission: "Blood is Thicker".

Go see Zach in lobby of station on Dahin Planet.

Bring Zach back Rainbow Silicon.
6 x Rainbow Silicon (Refined from 30 Charon's Dust, L6 Hydrocarbon)

Make a "Backyard Solar Kit" for Zach.

Backyard Solar Kit (L1 Power Generator)
-- 1 Ironwood Reliquary (L1 Drop from Chavez in Freya)
-- 1 Drone Battery (L4 Drop from Wayward Drones - many sectors, such as AP)
-- 1 Small Solar Panel (L2 Power Generator 8 given at step 2/5 of mission and you might want to analyze 1 - Not Tradable)
-- 2 Duct Tape (L5 Device)
---- 1 Roller Press (L1 Electronic Item learn from Zeke's Mission)
------- 3 Sand (L1 Ore)
------- 1 Mi Graphite Shell Casing (L1 Casing)
--------- 2 Crude Graphite (L1 Ore)
---- 1 Resilient Plastic (L5 Hydrocarbon, refined during mission)
------ 3 Solar Sweet Oil (L4 Hydrocarbon)
------ 2 Grail Water (L9 Hydrocarbon)
---- 1 Fabric Mesh (L3 Silicate)
------ 2 Brawn Cord (L5 Brawn drop in Ragnarok and VG)
------ 1 Liquid Methane (L2 Gas refined from 5 L2 Methane)
---- 2 Adhesive (L4 Catalyst)
------ 3 Derfresser Phelgem (L2 Drop)
------ 2 Glamour Goo (L1 Drop)

Notes: "Brawn Cord" is a drop from Brawn near Abandoned Terminal in Ragnarok Brawn also found near Tomb in VG. "Derfresser Phelgem" is a drop from Derfresser in SE and "Glamour Goo" is a drop from Disk Dancers, Devils and kin in ABG.

Go see Zeke again to show him your work.

Make Zeke a Modified Solar Kit.

Zeke Modified Solar Kit Needs:
-- 1 Backyard Solar Kit (from step 3/5)
-- 1 Duct Tape (See above list, 3rd one)
-- 1 Control Light Assembly (L1 Electronic Item included in Dusty boxes or player made)
---- 1 Impact Plastic (L2 Hydrocarbon refined from 5 L2 Crude Oil)
---- 1 Evolver Optical Circuit Board (L5 Vendor Component)
---- 2 Liquid Neon (L4 Gas refined from 10 L4 Neon)

This completes the "Blood is Thicker" mission.