Zeke's "Borrowed Tools" Mission

Task: Fetch back Ezekial's hammer.
Mission Recap: (3 "Stranger Ship" reports)
Reward: Zeke's Folly (Tinfoil in it for next mission.)
To start this adventure:
Go see Zeke in Witberg sector - between Nav ACBN 1 and Nav Witberg 3 - and take Zeke's mission: "Borrowed Tools"

Go visit Cousin Boyd in Earth sector to borrow back Ezekial's hammer.
(He's near gate to Luna, fly there and hit X without moving should target him).

Earn Boyd's trust by gathering three EarthCorps Military Reports entitled "Stranger Ship" and return them to him.
(Found on the level 11 EC Tigershark ships at both gates in Witberg or the level 15 IC at Brans in Slayton.)

Return to Ezekial Garrett in Witberg and deliver his hammer.