Zeke's "Day O' Reckoning" Mission

Task: Help Zeke bring on the Day O' Reckoning..
Mission Recap: (list of materials used in this mission, some are hard to get)
Reward: Combat ending - ML from EC 66 and completing it gets you a device.
To start this adventure:
Go see Zeke to start and take Zeke's mission: "Day O' Reckoning".

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Fetch a true and complete copy of the Bogeril Manifesto for Ezekial Garrett.

The Entire Manifesto - non trade
-- "Sam Bogeril's Manifesto" [can be analyzed] can be bought in Bogeril Station or built by getting the Sam Bogeril's Table of Contents and taking to Jagerstadt(Planet Zweihander) to guy in lounge.
---- Bogeril Fragment 1-5
-- "Manifesto Table of Contents" from dusty old box (previous mission) or looted from hulks.
-- "Manifesto Preramble" which you learn by looting a "Scuffed Data Reader" device from a hulk and activating it - non trade.
---- Data Fragment LL
---- Data Fragment LR
---- Data Fragment UL
---- Data Fragment UR
-- "Manifesto Epilogue" looted from hulks.

Build a high quality "Optical Adapter" and return to Ezekial Garrett. Take him a drink to get recipe.
(He will give you the 3 Optical Adapter devices to rebuild - good luck you only get 3).

Analyze one of the Optical Adapter devices and then dismantle and rebuild another to complete this step.

Optical Adapter Device
1 Gizmo Holder (L4 Mount, Warp Road Kill drop)
--1 Sheet of Ply (L3 Ammunition Slug)
--3 2x4's (L4 Power Coupling) bought at new Bogeril Station
1 Control Circuitry (L6 Electronic Item)
--1 Control Light Assembly (L1 Electronic Item) from Dusty Box.
----1 Impact Plastic (L2 Hydrocarbon)
----1 Evolver Optical Circuit Board (L5 Computer)
----2 Liquid Neon (L4 Gas)
--1 Blinkin' Lights (L6 Power Converter) bought at new Bogeril Station
--1 Nebula SX Quad Processor (L5 Computer)
2 Bogeril Concrete (L4 Alloy) made from water, aggregate, cement.

Build Bogeril Power Source Level 7 Generator.

Bogeril Power Source
--Duct Tape (PM. From Previous Zeke Mission)
--Optical Adapter (See Above)
--Control Circuit (See Above)
--Umbral Obtenerate Focus (Bio Loot From L50 Pop Mob from Hydrocarbon L8 )
--Solar Panel Array (Take Zach Moonshine to get Recipe, buy in Bogeril Station)
----2 Sturdy Solar Panel
------3 Sturdy Solar Cell
--------High Grade B-Silicon
----------3 Research Grade Solar Silicon
--------------3 Abyssian Silicon
--------------2 Black Silicon
----------2 Boron
--------High Grade P-Silicon
----------3 Research Grade Solar Silicon
--------------3 Abyssian Silicon
--------------2 Black Silicon
----------2 Phosphorous
--------Glass Cover Plate
----------4 Astral glass (Refined from 20 Astralite lvl 9)
----------1 Transparent steel (Refined from 5 Raw Star Ore lvl 9)
--------Contact points
----------5 Copper Foil Sheet
------------4 Refined Copper (Refined from 20 Copper lvl 1)
------------1 Roller Press (Player made Component)
------Contact Grid
--------Copper Foil Sheet Level 1 Electronic Item (3 needed)
----------Roller Press Level 1 Electronic Item
------------Mi Graphite Shell Casing Level 1 Shell Casing
------------Sand (L1) (3 needed)
----------Copper (from copper ore L1) (4 needed)
--------Cyclo 50gHz Modulator Level 2 Power Converter
------BlackBox T62 (level 6)
----Bogeril Concrete
------3 Aggregate
------1 Grail Water
------1 Cement
--------2 Stygian Blackwater
--------1 Sand
--------2 Bone Dust (L2 Decayed Human Bones)
----Optimal Antireflective Coating (Refining)
------Immortal Flexiglass
----Superb Lens (Refining)
------Grannys Specs (Drop from CK 50-53 in Bogerile Sector)
------Special Diamond Dust (Refining) Not exact name.
--------3 Scyllan diamond
--------1 Thumpin Stick
--------1 Roller Press