Zeke's "Homesick for Biscuits" Mission

Task: Fetch Ezekial some down-home cooking.
Mission Recap: (Need 3 Nommos Blubber and 1 Tinfoil [Level 1 Mi Graphite Shell Casing (from Jove's), 3 Sand, 3 Tin (refined)])
Reward: 3 Dusty Old Boxes (Manafesto for later mission) and a Level 7 Solar Sails - Non Trade.
To start this adventure:
Go see Zeke in Witberg sector between ACBN and take Zeke's mission: "Homesick for Biscuits".

Find Cousin Belulah in Friendship 7 and deliver Zeke's plea for proper fixxins.

Fetch three hunks of Nommos Blubber (found in 61 Cygni) for Cousin Belulah's special biscuit shortening.

Give Belulah 1 Tinfoil to wrap up the food in.

Tinfoil Sheet
-- 1 Roller Press (L1 Electronic Item learn from Zeke's Mission)
---- 3 Sand (L1 Ore)
---- 1 Mi Graphite Shell Casing (L1 Casing)
------ 2 Crude Graphite (L1 Ore)
-- 3 Tin (Refined from 15 L2 Tin Ore)

Return to Zeke with vittles.